Theopolis Zoom Class Further Details & Info

August 29, 2022

As I’ve noted earlier, I am slated to teach an online class (via Zoom) for Theopolis this fall.

The title of this class is Infancy and Maturity in the Messiah’s Kingdom.

Here is some of what I hope to cover:

  • The Vocation & Pathway of Maturity
  • Epochs & Ages
  • Growth Models & Apocalyptic Maturity
  • The Great Infancy: Kingdom as New Birth
  • Unexpected Infancy in Maturity
  • Of Such is the Kingdom: Infant Inclusion

My goal in part is to help students see familiar biblical passages in a new light that shows how various apparently unrelated things actually belong together.

You can now sign up for this class. Theopolis has a registration page here.