I have not recently had time to devote to music as I once did, but for those interested, here is some stuff, free for you to download/listen to/amuse yourself with in whatever fashion. And a little bit of reading, as well.

YouTube Music Channel

If you’re looking for video, be sure to check out my YouTube music channel.


My most significant music project (ambitious but incomplete) is Metanarrative, available at Its aim is to retell the story of the Bible over the course of two CDs in the form of something like a rock opera. It incorporates everything from chant to folk to rock to other genres that haven't been invented yet. There is also a companion book that tells the story of the Bible in the course of 100 pages.


These are collections of music I recorded between 2005–2008. Each anthology is based on a specific year or period of my (early) songwriting, selecting from what I thought was my best material from those particular years. The years covered range from 1980–1985, so yes, I was pretty young. I generally wrote 80–100 songs a year when I was in my mid-to-late teens.

Check out my music anthologies here.

Other Original Music

Just a few other recordings I have thrown together, mostly written (relatively) more recently.

Check out this other original music here.

Quick Hymns

I also have a few hymn recordings.

Writing About Music

A couple of music-related articles/meditations:

My Philosophy of Music

So You Want to Be a Songwriter?