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There is a place for bookish thoughts. And there is a place for the sound of music.

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My love for music isn't exactly anomalous, but our household wasn't exactly filled with it when I was young. Of course, those were the days before personal entertainment centers, but even our household stereo (when we had one) didn't see much use until I was at least mid-teens. My Dad occasionally brought home an LP (anyone else remember those?) by George Beverley Shea or Mario Lanza, and that was almost it until my sister shook the house with the rock'n'roll of Don Francisco (okay, so it was mostly folk music, but it seemed strong stuff to me at the time).

Nonetheless, a family friend taught me a few guitar chords, and my Dad bought me a nice Martin knockoff produced by a quality Japanese company named Morris (they're still around, but more recent work is much more original). I still have it.

I began writing songs before I hit my teens. Instead of completing my school work by "correspondence," I spent my time on the road with my Dad drawing and writing songs (to the tune of 80-100 a year). Life eventually caught up to me, but the grand total is somewhere around a thousand.

Music is something that I have drifted in and out of as my priorities have shifted. Sometimes I have gone for several months where I did absolutely nothing with it, but it's something I have always come back to. It has always been an important outlet for me, and I enjoy it a great deal. I certainly don't have the talent or self-discipline to be a professional musician (which was a dream at a couple of points in my life), but music remains a worthwhile and enjoyable pursuit, and between 2005-2008 became a serious time investment. Then, a recording computer crashed conspired with other busyness, and I haven't had the same musical focus since. Perhaps some day.

At any rate, you can find some music-related stuff (including free audio downloads) via the links below. More significantly on the music front, note the following:

My most significant music project (ambitious but incomplete) is Metanarrative, available at metanarrative.net. Its aim is to retell the story of the Bible over the course of two CDs in the form of something like a rock opera. It incorporates everything from chant to folk to rock to other genres that haven't been invented yet. There is also a companion book that tells the story of the Bible in the course of 100 pages.

I also plan shortly to have free downloads of other songs I have written over the course of the years.

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