NOTE: In the past, my writings have been scattered over a variety of web sites, a number of which I have closed down (notably, and or soon will (, as well as a couple which never fully launched. In addition, I had a number of articles posted at third party sites which subsequently closed. I have now assembled all my available material here at my permanent web home, which will ensure that finding a given essay will be an easier task, and lower the likelihood of dormant web sites.

Be aware that the material here is far from uniform. Some articles are initial thoughts or meditations, while others are full-length scholarly essays.

It should also be kept in mind that many of these essays were written long ago (some as far back as my 1997–2000 seminary career, or even earlier). I may not choose to say everything the same way today. I also apologize for the formatting of older material, which I have not generally taken the time to sift through and link footnotes or to provide updating to best-practice typography. (I apologize that on occasion you may find a dead link, although I have endeavored to update those where I was able.)

In addition, my blog has essays that may not appear in these listings.

Note that I also have a couple additional essays on music here.

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