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Theopolis Zoom Class: Infancy and Maturity in the Messiah’s Kingdom

August 6, 2022

I am pleased to announce that I will be leading a Zoom class this fall for the Theopolis Institute. The class will run every Saturday from 1–3 pm, from October 15–November 19, 2022.

Course summary?

All baptism is paedobaptism; all communion is paedocommunion. The paradox of the Messiah’s kingdom is that its goal is maturity, and its mode is infancy.

In this course, we will do much more than ground a defense of paedocommunion (participation of baptized children in the Lord’s Supper). Exploring and integrating familiar biblical themes, we will discuss the surprising connections between infancy and maturity, the equally surprising contrasts between infancy and immaturity, and union with Christ as the sole ground of sonship. Maturity is both a Spirit-formed process, and a gift of the “apocalyptic” Christ (we’ll explain that mysterious phrase when we get there!).

Keep an eye on this page for more info: