Baptism and Lord’s Supper: A Biblical Primer on Covenant Initiation and Renewal. Pactum Books, 2023 (105 pp.). General introduction to the sacraments, including unpacking their origins throughout the story of the Bible. Answers questions such as: Why are they important? What do they mean? What is their power? Who are they for?

The Unremarkable: Entries in the Journal of Gordon Gray. Timotheos Press, 2023 (117 pp.). Short novel that weds superpower fantasy, historical fiction, comedy, romance, character drama, and redemptive tale into one fun little tale.

Exchanging the Glory: Idolatry and Homosexuality in Romans 1. Theopolis Explorations Series. Athanasius Press, 2022 (112 pp.). A short book detailing the train of Paul’s argument in Romans 1, showing how he uses his building blocks to move from an announcement of judgment upon idolatry to a consideration of homosexual behavior. Includes several addenda, including a discussion of Jesus’ apparent silence regarding homosexuality, and a critical response to the views of Matthew Vines and the Reformation Project.

Big Ordinary Sins: Confronting Our Everyday Transgressions. Pactum Books, 2022, 100 pp. Second volume in the Core 100 series, candidly deals with serious sins frequently ignored from the pulpit. Focuses on issues current to Western culture. As with other volumes in this series, Big Ordinary Sins is easy to read and provides large margins for convenient note-taking.

Metanarrative: The Bible’s One Story of Love, Truth and Beauty. Pactum Books, 2017, 100 pp. First volume in the Core 100 series. A conversational short read through the narrative arc of the entire Bible, wedded to accompanying music lyrics in the margins. A great gift for everyone, whether experienced Christians or those new to the faith.

The Legend of the Dagger Prince. Timotheos Press, 2016, 174 pp. The launch volume in a new medievalesque fantasy series, The Annals of Adamah. Fiction suitable for all ages. Honor, justice, courage, all wrapped in a package of twists and turns. You can buy it on Amazon here.

Paul’s Travail: a Reintroduction to Galatians. Pactum Reformanda, 2013, 309 pp + front matter (paperback / digital bundle [Kindle, Epub, PDF]). The culmination of many years of study in Galatians, this is a commentary written at the scholarly and pastoral level.

Moniyaw. Grande Prairie, AB: Timotheos Press, 2012, 110 pp (paperback / Kindle). My first published fiction. Moniyaw is the story of a hotshot, urbane young architect from Vancouver who discovers a different world when he is sent for a project to a remote Indian reserve in northern Alberta. You can buy it from here.

Sermons on Galatians. Grande Prairie, AB: Pactum Reformanda, 2012, 304 pp (paperback / ebook). Published form of 35 sermons preached in Grande Prairie between 2006–2011. Intended as a supplement/companion volume to my commentary on Galatians, Paul’s Travail: A Reintroduction to Galatians. You can buy Sermons on Galatians at

These Are Two Covenants: Reconsidering Paul on the Mosaic Law. Grande Prairie, AB: Pactum Reformanda, 2010, 103 pp (paperback) / 101 pp (ebook). Written summer 2004; lightly revised in 2007. An extensive survey of the function of the law in Paul’s writings. This small book is available in both ebook (PDF) and paperback formats. Foreword by Rich Lusk. Click here to buy the paperback at

Feed My Lambs: Why the Lord’s Table Should Be Restored to Covenant Children. Grande Prairie, AB: Pactum Reformanda, 2002, 220 pp. My first full-length book to be published. A comprehensive overview of the question of paedocommunion, including a lengthy exposition of 1 Corinthians 11.17-34 and extensive interaction with objections.

Reforming the Modern Church was my first completed book manuscript. It addressed practical church issues such as office, membership, discipline, and so on, in light of a covenantal mindset. It was never formally published, but much of it found its way to the public eye in the form of essays at the Biblical Studies Center and are now available in the essays section of this site. Years ago, I also heard of at least one church that was using the book as a study text for a membership class. I guess you never know where even unpublished material will end up if you show it to friends!

Essays in Print

“Judah’s Life from the Dead: The Gospel of Romans 11.” In The Glory of Kings: A Festschrift in Honor of James B. Jordan, Peter Leithart and John Barach, editors (Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2011).

“The Kingdom of God and Children at the Table.” (In The Case for Covenant Communion, pp. 35-47. (Athanasius Press, 2006.) A brief (5000 words) overview on paedocommunion, with special focus upon the subject in the light of the kingdom of God.

“A Response to Leonard Coppes Regarding Feed My Lambs.” (In The Confessional Presbyterian, volume 2 [2006], pp. 199-205.)

“A Reply to Dr Cornelis Venema on Paedocommunion.” (In The Confessional Presbyterian, volume 3 [2007], pp. 242-247.) A continuation of the interaction with Coppes; Venema, one of my seminary professors, had stepped into the discussion when Coppes declined to interact further.

Online Essays

My essays page has a wide range of online articles I have written over the years (including many previously published on other sites whose domains I allowed to lapse).

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