Original Music

Aside from the anthologies, here are a few scattered recordings of other songs I have written:

I don’t even qualify as a hack so far as video production, but this is something I put together for Lookin’ Away a number of years ago:

Original Hymns

"A Eucharistic Hymn" (4.61 MB)

Rock / Pop

"Dead Men Don't Rise" electric version (6.57 MB). Acoustic/"unplugged" version (6.33 MB). An Easter song.

"Tears in the Sky" (2.49 MB). A little guitar-oriented track that never really got finished, but I like its catchiness. I'm told it's Bowie-esque, but he wasn't someone I was influenced by. If you can catch the lyrics, it's a bit more serious than it sounds.

"How Long." (5.44 MB). A song for the persecuted Church, written while I was in seminary.

"Where the Road Ends." (4.39 MB). A sort of pop rock love song, written in 1992.

"The White Lies." (4.67 MB). A very dated "oldie" from 1988, as can be seen from the apartheid theme.

"Wanna Be Someone You Love" (7.67 MB). A very old love song I wrote when I was a young buck, but recorded in 2009.


"Rivers." (6.75 MB). I first wrote "Rivers" back in 1988, and did a bit of tweaking in 1993.

"Groaning." (mp3 only / 4.81 MB) Written for my mother during a testing time of her life.


"Out of the Grave." (4.04 MB). An Easter song based on Romans 4.

"I Don't Love You Like I Loved You Then" (5.61 MB)


"A Man I'll Never Be." (3.6 MB) A slight tip of the hat to the 1970s in the vocal harmonies, but as usual I don't really sound like anyone else (for better or worse).

"I'm Gonna Go Free." (4.2 MB) Very rough recording—one of the first things I did when I first downloaded Audacity years back.

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