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Tim Gallant is an author and publisher, and currently also works in the manufacturing industry. His writing interests are focused in biblical studies (specializing in Paul as well as biblical covenant themes) and fiction (primarily low fantasy and historical fiction).

Tim’s work in biblical studies grows out of close exegesis and concerted attention to details of intertextuality as well as typology. He says his overarching aim is to derive an interpretation that reads “with the grain” of the biblical text.

Born in western Canada and raised by a travelling indie Pentecostal-ish preacher, over the course of several years, Tim migrated into more distinctly Reformational theology. In 2000, he was awarded his M.Div. from Mid-America Reformed Seminary, from which he graduated with honors. He then served as a pastor and preaching elder in Alberta and Montana for over a decade between 2000–2013.

Tim has seen two book releases in 2022. Big Ordinary Sins: Confronting Our Everyday Transgressions, was published April 17, 2022. This second volume in Pactum Books’ Core 100 Series focuses on serious sins common within the Western Church but frequently unaddressed from the pulpit. Exchanging the Glory: Idolatry and Homosexuality in Romans 1 (Theopolis Explorations series, Athanasius Press) was released in late summer 2022, and explores matters of self-deception and divine hardening, as well as the narrative relationship between idolatry and homosexuality within Paul’s argument.

Tim’s first published book, Feed My Lambs, continues to be a leading influence in its advocacy of child communion. Among his other numerous non-fiction writings are Metanarrative, an easy-to-read introduction to the story of Scripture (and first volume in the Core 100 Series), and Paul’s Travail, an in-depth commentary on Galatians. He has written several other works in the biblical studies arena, as well as works of fiction. (See this site’s Writings page for a full listing of publications.)

All of Tim’s books are available from Amazon. (Non-fiction under Tim Gallant available here; fiction under T.A. Gallant available here.)

Books published by Pactum Books and Timotheos Press are also available from

Tim and his wife Kristi live just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, where they enjoy ten children.