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Metanarrative Passion Mini-Suite

In view of it being Good Friday, I previously posted “Abandoned and Unknown.” Here is the entire Passion section of Metanarrative. (Metanarrative is my incomplete musical journey through the story of the Bible. The MP3 downloadable below are “composition versions”—i.e. recordings of various roughness that I made while composing the pieces. The Metanarrative music project site is here.)


Abandoned and Unknown

all alone against the darkened sky
the Lord of life prepares to die
and we don’t know him
he came to his own unrecognized
just like coming home, no welcome sign
why didn’t we know him

my God, my God
we hear him cry
why have you forsaken me
this cup of wrath
these darkened skies
hell has overtaken me

is this you, blessed teacher
the one I loved, the one I knew
is this you, are these your features
flowing blood from open wounds

– “Abandoned and Unknown,” from my incomplete Metanarrative project, a musical journey through the big story of the Bible. A rough MP3 version is available here.